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Cloud FAQs


Pricing for SAP Business One cloud solutions can vary depending on factors like chosen features, user count, and deployment options. While I cannot disclose specific B1 Partner costs, research different providers to compare plans and pricing models.

While we don't offer a traditional free trial, we provide an even better alternative: a $5,000 Partner Credit to jumpstart your B1 Private Cloud journey with confidence!

Moving SAP Business One to the cloud can offer several advantages:

Reduced costs: No upfront hardware or software investments, pay-as-you-go model

Increased flexibility and scalability: Easy to adjust resources based on business needs

Improved security and reliability: Data centers with high security standards and automatic backups

Enhanced mobility and accessibility: Access data from anywhere, anytime

Automatic updates and maintenance: Simplified IT management

Disaster recovery capabilities: Minimize downtime in case of disruptions

Absolutely! Connect warehouse scanners, production machines, and other devices to your SAP Business One on B1Partner Cloud, often at no additional cost. For connecting machine data, an optional IoT solution is available.

Think of it as your own dedicated server in the cloud, but for your SAP Business One ERP software. It offers the control and customization of an on-premise installation, with the convenience and scalability of the cloud. You get:

High customization: Use any SAP Business One version, patch level, and add-on you desire.

Full control: Gain extensive administrative access to your system for deeper customization and integrations.

Security and isolation: Your data is isolated from other users, ensuring enhanced privacy and security.

Scalability: Easily adjust resources (CPU, RAM, storage) as your business grows. Reduced IT burden: Leave server management and maintenance to B1Partner Cloud.

You have complete freedom! Bring your existing licenses, purchase new ones, or rent cloud licenses. B1Partner Cloud provides all other necessary licenses (OS, access, antivirus, etc.).

Absolutely! We don't offer a traditional free trial, but instead provide a generous $5,000 credit to explore SAP Business One Cloud on SAP HANA. This credit lets you test everything freely for a limited time. Contact a B1Partner Cloud partner to claim your credit and start your trial!

It depends on your add-ons. Verify compatibility with the B1 SDK before requesting 2FA from B1Partner Cloud.