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Key Features

Work Smarter, Anywhere

Connect securely to your dedicated cloud environment using an encrypted VPN tunnel, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Web-based SAP B1 Access

Reduce login fatigue and improve user experience with SSO, allowing seamless access to multiple applications with one set of credentials. Define granular access permissions for users based on their roles and responsibilities, ensuring data security and compliance.

Fast Local Printing

Bypass the need for centralized printing servers and print reports and documents directly to local printers within your network. Leverage thin clients for efficient printing and resource management, even with low-bandwidth connections.

Seamless File Transfer

Share and exchange files securely and effortlessly with colleagues and partners, regardless of location. Streamline workflows and boost collaboration.

Data Leakage Prevention

Analyze data content in real-time to identify and prevent sensitive information from being leaked through unauthorized channels. Define custom DLP policies to control data transfer based on specific keywords, file types, and destinations.

Excel Reporting

Connect directly to live SAP B1 data within Excel for dynamic reports and real-time insights. Leverage the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver for seamless data exchange between SAP B1 and Excel.

Zero Trust Based Access

Implement Zero Trust principles for enhanced security. Verify every user and device before granting access, mitigating unauthorized activity and minimizing risk.

Multi Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection with multi-factor authentication. Require multiple credentials for login, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Contextual Access

Implement adaptive authentication based on factors like location, device, and time of day, dynamically adjusting access permissions based on risk context. Manage trusted devices and restrict access from untrusted devices for enhanced security.

Customize Backup

Configure automatic backups at regular intervals to ensure data recovery in case of disasters. Store backups securely in the cloud for offsite protection and disaster recovery readiness. Choose between local and cloud-based backup options based on your specific needs and compliance requirements.

Features Comparison

FeaturesB1 Partner CLOUDOthers
Private Cloud hosting environment purposefully built for high security, availability and scalability security GateWay, Robust Authentication, Load Balancing, Remote Desktop Services, and Dedicated SUSE Linux instance.
Integrated Web-Based Access for B1 Appliction: Accessible Anywhere, Any Device Support multiple access modes including web apps, html5, client-server, virtual apps & desktops
Zero Trust Network Access With Host Scan Policies
  • Geo Context, Device Profile, Device ID Signature
  • Device Health and Compliance Check - Anti-Virus, Firewall, OS Patch, etc.
  • Ransomeware/Malware Restriction through Granular User Access and Network Demarcation
User Level Data Leakage Prevention Block Screenshots, Clipboard Access, and Screen Recording
File Copy Control and Secure File Sharing Endpoint Protection Policies to Safeguard Sharing and Block Internet Access
Watermarking to Prevent Unauthorized File Sharing
Multi-Factor / 2 Factor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) Diverse Token Options: SMS, Email, Mobile App, Biometric, Face Authentication
Multi-Screen Support in Browser Extend Appliction Across Multiple Screens to Boost User Productivity
High-speed Local Printing Experience Optimized Print Queue and Job Management to Handle Large Volumes with Minimized Latency

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