How Cloud Brings Digital Transformation for Your Business?

  • Published : Feb,26,2024
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How Cloud Brings Digital Transformation for Your Business?

Today’s competitive business scenario poses new challenges for enterprises across the world. There, cloud and digital transformation can be a silver lining and you can keep your business competitive. The cloud approach has enabled the management to make informed decisions based on actionable insights. Implementation of advancements of technology and adapt to new changes in business processes are easy with the help of cloud solutions.

SAP Business One Cloud solution is an ideal example of how a cloud-based ERP system can bring a digital revolution in your business. Here we make a list of key business benefits of moving to the cloud for modern enterprises.

Boost in Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you know the secret of boosting productivity at your workplace, right? Cloud and digital transformation enable you to increase productivity across every department. Employees are empowered with instant access to real-time company data and quick communication. Cloud computing also brings automation with the help of AI-based functionality to eliminate maintenance processes and the need to remain occupied in time-consuming, mundane tasks. Your employees can readily provide clear reports, store key information, and maximise the level of productivity.

What’s more, automation and increased efficiency of employees can also enable you to take your business to the next level without increasing resources.

Reduction in Operational Costs

SAP Business One Cloud solution offers a highly flexible model. You can easily scale up or down the capability to meet your changing requirements effectively with this solution. It helps you reduce the operational costs for hiring resources and spend on infrastructure and hardware. Today, companies want to save big on infrastructure and resources by migrating to cloud. Also, you can readily take advantage of big data and AI-based features without worrying about storage space.

The cloud-powered solution enables you to store corporate data on remote servers thereby enabling you to get rid of investing in a server room.

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Support Diverse Requirements

Entrepreneurs witness changes in various requirements in various aspects ranging from planning to sales, and budgeting to finance. Such sudden and sharp changes need an advanced technological solution. There, a cloud-based ERP system can lend a helping hand. You can easily manage operational and financial requirements while getting real-time insights to make informed decisions.

In other words, the cloud-based solution can fetch, collect, and analyse the data to manage the business processes and predict requirements with ease. It is also possible to mitigate the associated risks and increase the profitability of your business with the help of cloud technology.

Faster Implementation

Many enterprises lag behind because of a longer implementation timeline. Whether it is migrating to new technologies or integrating technological advancements, the implementation time plays a vital role in achieving various business objectives. At times, a slight downtime can cause a lot of damage to your running business. The good news… migration to the cloud platform is quick and easy. You can rapidly shift your business processes to the cloud platform without any risk of data theft.

Simply put, cloud-based solutions cause minimal disruption in your business. Taking the example of SAP Business One Cloud again, you can readily implement it in your business system with the help of a reliable SAP Business One partner. With decades of experience in developing and integrating custom ERP solution, such a global partner can readily shift your entire business to the cloud.

Higher Security

The cloud-based solution can provide enhanced security to your confidential corporate data. It is almost impossible to breach data with encryption and other safety measures for data stored in cloud servers. You can also avail the benefit of authentication access on the basis of hierarchy. In a way, you can prevent sensitive information of your company from going into the wrong hands.
Higher security can further enhance the trust factor because your customers can remain assured of their personal information and transactions. You can attract more customers by providing them safe and secure cloud-based transactions. This is particularly beneficial for eCommerce and B2C businesses.

What makes cloud deployment highly profitable is the fact that it can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 2.3 times in the on-premise solution. Also, cloud technology offers benefits to the customers and enables them to get your company or brand’s information on the move anytime. You can readily integrate business-friendly features of emerging technologies like IoT and AI in the cloud solution.

In a Nutshell

Cloud technology is capable of increasing visibility and providing security to your business operations. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that cloud is a future of modern business. Cloud computing not only provides a strong foundation but also drives your business by bringing automation and convenience.

At Silver Touch Technologies, we combine the benefits of the cloud concept and SAP Business One advantages in the customised SAP Business One Cloud solution. We assist you to streamline your complex business processes through robust features of SAP Business One and flexibility of cloud-based solutions.

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